Carl Anthony

For much of my life, I have lived in the emotional shadows, caring too much about what other people thought and allowing fear and insecurity to determine how I showed up. Only when I started to give myself permission to be vulnerable, open up and come out from the shadows did I begin my journey to becoming the best version of myself. WE AS is an invitation to join us on this journey and for you to start becoming the best version of yourself


Gareth Nock

A childhood of bullying, being overweight and unhealthy led me to masking my feelings and 'going it alone' through my early life!

As I started to live my passion and find my people, my 'surround yourself' I discovered that life is an experience best lived alongside others!

We As... is changing the world one conversation at a time and we want you to join us in the conversations and community we are building!

Your best version is ever evolving, let's evolve together!


Scott Kelly

When we started We As...we never thought that it would become what it is today. As we always say “be the best version of yourself”, we do that by constantly evolving. It is through that evolution that we are able to touch as many lives as we have. I look forward to being a part of this growth for many many years


Aliya Ladha

There is a super power in sharing our stories. Our stories share our greatest accomplishments, hardest moments, beautiful memories and biggest failures; they are unique to us and make us who we are today. Your life may feel ordinary to you, but it might seem extraordinary to someone else. Every story shared is a chance to enhance our understanding of the world around us, a chance to build our self-awareness, a chance to grow and a chance to make someone feel less alone.

I am far from perfect; however, I look forward to sharing my story and hearing yours! I can’t wait to learn from one another to become the best version of ourselves!

We As.. is about building a community that encourages conversations to be had from all walks of life, to unify us and teach us that we are more alike than we are different.

Come join the conversation!